The village

Chulilla is a village situated in Valencia (Valencian Community) Spain. It belongs to Valencia and its situated in los Serranos area 60 kms away from Valencia. There you can discover a big amount of trekking routes, scale in the vertical cliffs,walk by the river Turia,swim in what they call “the BluePond” or visit the ruins of the castle. There is also the possibility to visit a waterfall or go for a stroll through the narrow streets of the village, having the chance to enjoy the bars and restaurants. They offer a big variety of regional food. Chulilla offers you the possibility to do many outdoors activities too. You can also visit the surrounding villages,such as Sot de Chera, Chelva, with its roman aqueduct from Peña cortada, or the historic village Alpuente. Loriguilla’s reservoir is near Chulilla too.



The village offers some interesting accomodation in different prices. You can rent an apartament, sleep in hotel or go to climbing refuge. The refuge guarded by Pedro Pons is perfectly located with an amazing views and the price is not to high. Some people are also sleeping in cars at the parking. You can find some places to park your camping van and it is normally no problem if you don’t stay for too long. If you are planing to stay a long period, maybe it might interest you to rent a house, a flat or a room. Just contact us to know more about it.

Sleeping in tents as well as making open fire is strictly forbidden in the area.




The nearest big supermarket is in Villar del Arzobispo (15km). But in the village prices for the basic products are all right. In the center you can find a shop and a bakery. When you walk trouh the narrow streets of Chulilla you will find more small shops, bakeries and vine. On sunday you can find a fly market in the main square where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits, coupon for lottery, sweets and well know mark purses.

The next shop where you can buy climbing gear is Decathlon in San Antonio (45km), or then you will find more shops in Valencia.




Chulilla offers some other atractions. During your rest day you can walk around the village. Very nice narrow streets will lead you to the ruins of XIV century castle. The castle is situated on top of the hill. By the way you will find some interesting churches and magnificant views on the village and surroundings.

You can also go to local SPA.